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Theme World: Disney’s grand additions

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May 27, 2013
Disney’s Grand Additions

Disney only announced a grandest further to a best moneymaker (err best kept secret) is strictly on sale.

Yes — we am articulate about a newest further to a Disney Vacation Club lineup: The Villas during Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.. We’ve been examination construction for years now.

Like Bay Lake Tower (Contemporary’s DVC wing) a GF Villas were scarcely 3/4 finish before Disney even certified they were building anything during all. Why? The fear is a newest glossy intent will harm sales of a existent properties like Saratoga Springs, Animal Kingdom Lodge, even a stunningly beautiful Aulani in Hawaii.

Speaking of Aulani it might be moving a NEXT DVC skill — though some-more on that soon.

But behind to a Grand Floridian — here is your initial demeanour inside what a villas will demeanour like. Starting with a Living room.

Moving to a eat-in kitchen.

And a bedroom.

Those images come from a new video debate Disney expelled to announce a units are going on sale.  You can watch it below.

So — how does a Grand further smoke-stack adult price-wise?? No warn it appears to be a most-expensive Disney time-share yet. The further is going adult during what Disney considers a flagship resort, after all.
 I’m a journalist, not a math man — so we incited to a experts during DVCNews.com

They write: “Nightly indicate costs during a Grand Floridian run 30-40% aloft than allied views during Bay Lake Tower. In fact, a cost for Grand Floridian Lake View bedrooms are constantly aloft than even a Magic Kingdom thesis park perspective during Bay Lake Tower.  

You can learn a lot some-more about a money-side of a DVC review at their web site.

The Grand Opening of a Grand Villas is approaching to be in Oct 2013.

If we REALLY wish to splurge — we can indeed live in a magic. About a week ago, Disney announced it is expanding a megamoney Golden Oak Luxury Residential area — between Port Orleans Fort Wilderness.

The newest area there will be named Marceline — after a little Missouri city Walt himself grew adult in. But while Walt’s family was among a lowest of a bad — Homes here will start during $1.7 Million with a smallest of 3,800 block feet. Disney says there are 19 half-acre lots in Marceline. Yes it will be gated. Here’s an instance of a forms of homes authorised in Golden Oak.

Marceline homes will possibly have a H2O perspective or will limit a inlet preserve. All of them are in walking stretch of a blow new bar residence and restaurant.
And Golden Oak will also be home to Central Florida’s initial 4-Seasons Resort.

There contingency be a marketplace here. Disney says a initial 4 neighborhoods have all though sole out in about dual years.
You do get some perks  — including concierge services, doorway to thesis park travel and we do get to go to all of a Extra Magic Hours we like.

Here’s a link  to a Golden Oak website if you’d like  to learn more.

More from a bustling Theme World soon.

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