If looking for a Disney timeshare, we may have a sale for you - Disney Points Resale

Disney Points Resale

Disney Points Resale – Sell Your  Points When You Need To

Disney Resale is a great way for people to cash out of their Disney Timeshare.

The Disney Vacation Club is a new way to pay one lump sum and take vacations for the rest of your life, and often too!  A lot of people look at the club as a normal time share, and generally stay away from it. In reality, you are basically paying a much lower amount for your future vacations at once, with very few additional fees in the years to come.

The only amount that you have to pay each year after that is an annual fee to keep your membership valid, and other than that you are free from any sort of financial burden that comes with the good life of vacations! Now how exactly does resale come in to a vacation time share? Well, it is really actually pretty simple. You get points every year once you have bought a level of Disney points, and you can distribute them however you would like to others. This is where you really start to see what kind of profit you can make off of this type of thing. Your points replenish every year, and this continues on for over 20 years, depending on what type of plan you buy.


disney points resale - sell disney points

Points Packages

Generally it pays itself off in the first couple of years, depending on if you can find the right people to sell your points back to. Even if you can not, you can easily sell each vacation package, or the raw points themselves, for cheaper than normal to make them go quickly. The good news is that you have plenty of time to use or get rid of the points, because they will just roll over if you decide not to use them. Most people don’t realize this, and decide not to try Disney points resale. They are afraid they may not even be able to sell them back quick enough, which is usually not the case.

This is not an issue because you can just simply sell them in bulk if they happen to roll over. Another thing that people don’t realize is that the Disney vacation club can be willed to your immediate family. This means that even when you die, your family will be able to enjoy vacations, or they can also resell like you were doing to begin with. There are many ways of using the Disney vacation club, so why not take advantage of them?

Disney points resale is something you should start now, not later. The reason for this is that the price of points is going up every year, where as once you buy a package of them for the  time, they will only gain value. In addition, none of the vacations that you redeem these points for will ever be raised in cost.  So you do not have to worry about not having enough points if you were planning a vacation for a while, or planning out how much you can make reselling.