If looking for a Disney timeshare, we may have a sale for you - Animal Kingdom Villas Get a Taste of African Savanna with Disney

Animal Kingdom Villas Get a Taste of African Savanna with Disney

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas offer you the experience of a lifetime

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas offer you the experience of a lifetime – a combination of luxurious villas and a touch of African wildlife. How would you like to have a relaxing vacation at an African safari lodge?  This is Disney’s resort where you can watch animals without going out of your room.

This awe-inspiring vacation club resort in Kidani Village features accommodations with kitchens and several bedroom units. Every animal lover should not pass the chance to observe more than 30 species right from their balcony. The 21-acre preserve offers all the guests with the opportunity to be close to nature. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas are not only a beautiful place for a stress-free getaway, but it is also a great spot for those who want to have fun.

Everything you need is here: professional and polite staff members, outstanding facilities, and rooms so big they will make your jaw drop. The property is pristine with great amenities such as pools, playground, massage and fitness centers, and more recreational areas. Whether you plan on staying a few days or you want a grand vacation with your family, you will never run out of activities to do here. If you have been looking forward to some kind of animal interaction, you will not be disappointed. Among the most popular activities that you can participate in are:

Wildlife games
Campfire storytelling
Animal chasing at Arusha Rock
Feeding flamingos at the Flamingo Pond
Animal sightseeing in night-vision

There are plenty of fun things to do for both the young and adults. The pools are a highlight especially for kids. If you are vacationing with children, they will surely enjoy the slides, which run from 67 feet to 128 feet long. There are also playgrounds that are open 24 hours a day as well as an observation station and camps for kids.

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When it comes to the rooms, there’s just no other place that will give you the comfort like your own home. You have a variety of options here that will suit your taste and budget. These include the following:

Deluxe studio for up to four people
One bedroom villa for up to five people
2 bedroom villa for 8 to 9 guests
3 bedroom grand villa for up to 12 people

Rooms are located conveniently, so you can watch the animals and pools. All the bedrooms are guaranteed to be spacious, clean, and with attractive furnishings and fixtures. Everything is well-cared for and the staff makes sure that all rooms are spotless.

Animal Kingdom Villas is for enthusiasts

Every animal enthusiast dreams of staying in this place. The unique African-themed recreational activities and architectural designs will make you feel as if you are in a real savanna. What are you waiting for? BuyATimeshare.com gives you a chance to grab a DVC timeshare for a great price. You can work with the owner of the timeshare directly, so you can save thousands of bucks. Enjoy the flavors of Africa while exploring multi-cultural influences. Buy a timeshare at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas and have an exceptional getaway today.