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Report: Disney Moving Ahead With Star Wars Land In Florida

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Robert Niles of Theme Park Insider is reporting that a long-rumored Star Wars park during Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida is now past a “serious consideration” theatre and into a formulation phase:

Multiple sources have told me a long-awaited dream of thesis park geeks everywhere is indeed happening. Disney’s relocating forward with both Cars Land and Star Wars Land during a Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

Rumors of such an further to a Disney World site in Florida have been swirling for years, and they strong to a heat representation when The Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm final October. But now it seems like I’s are being dotted and T’s are being crossed.

I spoke to a Disney Cast Member who not usually reliable Niles’ report, though combined some new information. This Cast Member listened directly from Disney supervisors that Disney is deliberating building a Cantina-themed grill in a new Hollywood Studios Star Wars area. Last April, a blog Disney and More reported that a grill modeled after Chalmun’s Cantina in Mos Eisley was being deliberate for Disneyland Paris. It creates clarity to move a vital restoration like a Cantina grill to mixed locations, in a same approach that Star Tours: The Adventures Continue non-stop during several Disney parks around a universe in 2011.

Speaking of Star Tours, it seems like that captivate will be receiving upgrades as partial of a Star Wars land. “Expect to see new levels combined to Star Tours and some some-more interactive attractions, presumably an additional ride,” my Disney source said. However, my source combined that “most of a enlargement will be environments and impression meet-and-greet areas.”

Given a volume of work concerned in this project, it’s no warn that Disney skeleton to accelerate their higher-profile additions (the Cantina restaurant) and modifications (the new Star Tours content) with simple, easy-to-add facilities like new meet-and-greet opportunities and additional “environments” (e.g. a life-size speeder bike with Endor backdrop).

Stay tuned and we will move we updates as we get them.