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George Lucas Sells Star Wars For $4 Billion To Disney?

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Yes, it’s true. George Lucas has sole Lucasfilm and a Star Wars Franchise for $4.06 billion. Disney has announced skeleton to make a third Star Wars trilogy, with a initial film slated for recover in 2015

“It’s now time for me to pass ‘Star Wars’ on to a new era of filmmakers,” Lucas pronounced in a matter announcing a deal. ” I’ve always believed that Star Wars could live over me, and we suspicion it was critical to set adult a transition during my lifetime.”

My initial greeting is “What a hell?”

It could be a good thing, yet we am rather aroused it could spin into a unequivocally bad thing. Disney has a intensity of destroying a authorization even some-more than Lucas.

The some-more we consider about it, a some-more we am assured that Disney will be unqualified of bringing a sorcery behind to Star Wars. The strange trilogy has a magic, yet Lucas killed it with a prequel trilogy.

The prequels, nonetheless they had some superb moments, lacked a attract and morality of a strange trilogy. we unequivocally don’t consider that disney will be means to move that attract and sorcery behind with episodes VII, VIII, and IX. Why? Because Disney bought Star Wars not for a story, yet for a income bank.

Disney has a prolonged story of magic, yet they too, like Lucas, pissed it all divided when a #1 idea became creation money. Don’t mistake me, bringing in tons of income is everybody’s dream and right, yet income should be a byproduct of a magic, something that a Disney house never accepted and refused to get from Walt disney a man.

I am carefully carefree though. If Disney is intelligent adequate to emanate a gifted group that would control of a story and a films, a new Star Wars could unequivocally simply be loads improved than a unsatisfactory prequels.