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Disney Raises Ticket Prices

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RHINELANDER – Taking a vacation can emanate smashing memories.

Many conduct to outlandish beaches, snowy plateau or Walt Disney World.

But what if a many enchanting place on earth doesnt come during a many enchanting price?

Over a weekend Disney lifted their one day adult sheet prices to 95 dollars.

For a family of four, it costs some-more than 390 dollars for a one day outing to Magic Kingdom.

We asked a viewers what they suspicion of a cost increase.

Many pronounced theyd rather transport in Wisconsin.

“As lifetime residents in northern Wisconsin, we would rather revisit a “enchanted forest” here in Wisconsin, where there are no lines, boots are frowned upon, and it usually costs a can of bug mist and a packaged lunch,” pronounced Phia Donovan.

“Definitely Wisconsin. There is so most to do in a pleasing state,” pronounced Stacey Wangelin-Pankratz.

Many concluded that a outing to Disney is a once in a life time experience.

Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce Director Lara Reed says Wisconsin can be a vacation end each year.

“I consider a something that a lot of travelers wish to do obviously. But we consider it’s some-more like saving up, planning, holding a family for that once in a lifetime trip. And what we see a lot of are families returning year after year since they suffer a outdoor and a Northwoods,” pronounced Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce Director Lara Reed.

California’s Disneyland also lifted a one day prices to $92 for adults and $86 for children.