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Disney hikes some park prices to over $90

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June 3, 2013 during 3:55 PM ET

Disney Magic Kingdom

Experiencing a sorcery of Disney is now going to take a small some-more sorcery from mommy and daddy’s wallet. Disney announced that starting Sunday, a one-day sheet to a Magic Kingdom during Walt Disney World review in Orlando, Florida. jumped to $95 from $89 for ages 10 and up. Disneyland in California also saw cost increases, going to $92 from $87 for a “1-Day 1 Park” adult pass.

“Like any business, we weigh and adjust a pricing formed on a accumulation of factors,” Disney orator Bryan Malenius told NBC News. “A sheet to a thesis parks represents a good value, quite when we demeanour during a extent and peculiarity of attractions and party we offer and a special moments guest knowledge with a Cast.”

Multi-day passes saw increases as well. For example, a four-day “Magic Your Way” sheet for Walt Disney World Resorts now costs $279, or $69.75 per day. Disney posted a updated prices for Disneyland here, and Disneyworld here.

Most of their guest squeeze a multi-day pass, Disney told NBC News.

“It wouldn’t make me insane if a lines were shorter,” Amber Morris, a medical transcriptionist from Oklahoma City, OK told NBC News. “But to compensate $400 for a family of 4 for one day and mount in lines perpetually is ridiculous.”

Curtis White lives in Tulsa, Okla. and owns a Disney Vacation Club timeshare that his family has used given 1993. He told NBC News that a cost change wouldn’t change his mind about going to Disney.

“They say that place to perfection,” he said. “I am a informal manager for a hotel tenure company. we know what it takes to keep a review in tip-top figure and no one does it improved than Disney.”

The association final lifted sheet prices in 2012.